Kim Pixa – In The Wood (Video)

Kim Pixa is one of the hottest newcomer names in deep techno at the moment, having worked with some of the scene’s biggest names – including Marc Romboy, Ken Ishii, Xenia Beliayeva, André Winter, Dean Demanuele – now he comes with his full lenght debut album called My Sweet 18.

The result are 16 tastefully vocal songs and 2 instrumental tracks in genre deep techno, deep house and electronica.

The album brings vocal collaborations with artists including his new singer Manda, hip hop rapper Dub-U, newcomer Papua and photographer Lucas Ross who also shot the cover picture.

Every track is different and shows lot of new ideas and real technical skills.
A unique and memorable sound.

Like Marc Romboy said “Kim Pixa has a lot of potential! I´m sure we´ll hear a lot from him in the future!”

For that reason Kim Pixa launches his own record label Sun Recordings as a way to get his music more out there.

  • Kim Pixa
  • My Sweet 18
  • Sun Recordings / SUN0001
  • Release Date: 23-06-2014


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