Hi Frederic and Patrick, we are glad to have you both on AltroVerso.
Hi everyone!

Well, let’s start with the interview:
It’s on release your new production on Drumcode, one of the most famous techno label of the contemporary scene, we can say that yours is an established relationship since many years. How much, in your opinion, the label can affect on the artist’s product?

It always depends on the label but in case of Drumcode it affects a lot. Adam has gained a huge fanbase around his label and we get world wide reactions on the release from print magazins, blogs or radio stations. It´s the most important release of the year for every artist to have a release on a label like Drumcode.

What was the driving idea of Toleranz? Its style, in my opinion, is very similar to techno rave of the past.
We was jamming in the studio as always and at some point we had this driving bassline and so we started to build the track and you are right it has a bit of a rave track. As we always try to find 2 themes in every track we had the idea to add a vocal in the second part to give the track a new touch.
The day before Frederic brought his niece to the studio as she wanted to see what we are doing. So we showed her everything and jammed a bit with her. from this session we used the vocal wich is Frederic´s voice actually.

In Cobra, instead, you have melted more organically raw and essential basses to a house cut. Was it a natural need, a sign of a transition?
It´s always a bit funny for us to read what journalists are thinking about our music. For us its just a natural process of working and most of the time we don´t think to much about it when we are jamming and producing. We like to play it a lot cause the Synth is quiet catchy and the crowd is responding very well to it.

In your calendar I see you will be playing in many Countries until the end of this year, like Poland, Turkey, Guatemala etc., besides the “compulsory” participation at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Do you already have an idea of how you will face the various set?
As so many DJs are playing during ADE and we only play for 1 hour we will focus on our own and on the releases we have on our labels. For the rest of the gigs we play the kind of music we love and what we think fits best to the club or festival.

You are able to perform on big stages of international festivals as well as in small clubs. How do you face these performances? Do you follow usual rituals?
We always check a few days before the show where we are playing and than we select the music we like to play. Some tracks don´t work on big festivals and some are not working in small clubs. So we check the latest promos, combining them with the ones we love to play and than we go on stage a few minutes before we start and trying to catch the vibe. Sometimes it can take a few moments as it always depends who is playing before us.

You played in many places, is there one that left you the most beautiful memories, or a particular one where you would return?
In the last 12 months we had the pleasure to play 3 times in Poland and we fell in love from the first second. The crowd is so electrifying and its getting better and better… we can´t wait to come back.

Due to technologic progress, the recorded music has undergone many transformations, until the loss of its material support, the vinyl record. How do you live this situation?
We played Vinyl for many years long before we started Kaiserdisco and loved it but also hated it a lot. The way you have to work with Vinyl is unique and it feels amazing to have this kind of black gold in your hands but on the other side traveling is a real nightmare. We are big technic nerds and was blown away when Final Scratch came out which was long before Traktor.

Musically, what changes between Hamburg and Berlin? Which opportunities do you think there might be more?
Berlin is much bigger as Hamburg and has a huge touristic party scene. So when we are playing in Berlin you are able to meet and party with people from all over the world and that makes Berlin different to Hamburg. Club wise is Hamburg a great city as well as we have a lot of good techno and House clubs and a pretty good scene.

Plans for the future? Collaborations … you have any idea?
We are just starting the productions for 2017. Looks like we will do some more collaborations and maybe a new Album but lets see what the future brings 😉

Thank you guys,

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