Interview With Gel Abril

Starting from the beginning, how did you get involved in music, and how did you become GEL ABRIL?

Well , I started my career at a very young age, 13 to be exact, playing for my class mates house parties and etc , then clubs at my home town in Israel then slowly slowly in tel aviv and so on. Music production I think I started around 2003 slowly but surely we are here today 🙂

Is there an artist or genre that has influenced you most?

Don’t know if there is one in particular but I always liked something that is between house and techno that sort of based in the roots of Detroit techno and Chicago house, some names I can state are  Laurent Garnier  and Josh Wink.

You have produced many masterpieces, is there one of your productions to which you are particularly fond of?

Maybe I can tell you the track I played the most, which was “Spells of Yoruba” released in 2008 on “Be as one” imprint , that track was all over the place, reached places i never thought of before.

What is your relation with Shlomi Aber and his label (Be as one)?

Shlomi is one of  my best friends for years , we are basically family.

What equipment do you prefer to use both in studio and during your performances?

While I am playing a DJ set I usually like to keep things simple and old school I use some vinyls and usb sticks no computer and controllers involved. In the studio I mainly use hardware, some old school synths, eq, pre amp and some cool fx, the program I use is Cubase which I like and used to for years.

How would you describe your sound and do you have any trick to reach those vibes?

In a few words, I would call it techno groove.

You have played in dance floors worldwide, have you found differences djing across countries?

Well every country has it own special vibe and people, people always interest me, I think you can see the difference by the warmth of the people in some places, I guess it has something to do with the mentality of each country which each and everyone has its own charm!

If you could give only one tip to a young Dj, what would that be?

Be consistent , never let go and believe in yourself and what you do, and most important, work hard!!

What are your plans for 2016? Are you coming to Italy for some gigs?

Some new release coming up on Mobilee recording which is also my new representative Dj agency for europe. as well as a release on ovum  and some more labels to be announced soon. Gigs wise 2016 looks promising and I definetely would love to come back to Italy which is one of my favourite places in the world, I always been in love with the people, you have great techno culture and also best food in the world!

Thank you Gel

Filippo Argenti


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