I Am Frost – The Village (Video)……

The Path to Cognition EP will be released on Vergissmeinnicht on 6 December 2013 and available digitally and physically on limited vinyl and CD.

This video has been made by Tofa from The Core Berlin.

Supported by Richie Hawtin, Pierce, Oliver Schories, Bebetta, Rich Vom Dorf, Dört & Häzler, SLAM, Criss Source, The Micronauts, DJ Linus, Alexander Bien, Matt Heinze, Robert Grand, Edgar de Ramon, Sascha Kloeber, Marc Ayats, Tom Pusch, Giuliano A.L., Hardy Heller, Steve Cole, 90sechzig90, Daniel Boon, Summer, Claas Herrmann, Scotty A, Mojiito!
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The Path to Cognition EP — “The Village” describes René’s time in the countryside. With soft pad sounds and a smooth bass René invites you to a travel back through time to his youth. You can literally feel the big forests, blue lakes and calm village life. Beneath that, the light use of exotic instruments reveals the itchy feet René had back in those days.

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The I am Frost project — The idea was to create a project that goes beyond the boundaries of music. I am Frost combines music, video and words into a multimedia work of art that appeals to the ears, the eyes and the mind in equal measure. “The Path to Cognition EP” is accompanied by a corresponding live and visual show and a short story. The second chapter awaits in summer 2014.

Vergissmeinnicht — is a globally active artist collective with bases in Peru, Germany & Switzerland. With a party series in Peru and Zurich providing a strong basis, Vergissmeinnicht cemented its legendary status after organizing the Görlitzer Park open air party of 1 May 2011. The idea behind Vergissmeinnicht is to provide a platform for like-minded artists for trans-border cultural exchange and to help each other with promotion, advice, contacts and music production.



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