Hello Guardate, from long time AltroVerso is following your artistic and professional career.
Today we are proud to publish your interview, exclusive to the site of our Radio.

First of all, we’d like to know at which age you started to make music and how you got there.
Perhaps you have been influenced by someone, who ?

I’ve started Djing with 16, that’s where it all started for me. I’ve been djing only till i was 21, than i went to an Audio Engineering University, from here on, i realized, i wanted to make music by myself. Back than it was DJ Qbert and the Executioners-DJ Crew, who influenced my a lot. And maybe the very first beginnings of Ingrosso and Axwell.

Your friends and your family probably imagined a different destiny for you, how did your beloved ones react when you started to make it seriously ?

When i turned 18, i’ve already started to DJ as a resident in small clubs and promoted my own parties, so i really made money from the beginning with it. Actually this was a very good argument when someone told me to do something „down-to-earth“. Right now everybody sees how much fun i have in my life and everybody respects my way.

How did the idea of your artist name ? You lived in Italy and Spain ?

Yeah, i’ve been in living in Spain/Mallorca when i was 15/16. Just to learn spanish, at least a bit. I was looking for a name, which was outstanding and ideally has different meanings. And i even like the way americans pronounce it, it’s like a totally different name.

Tell us about your first release, your first production for a record label. Would you have expected it ?

My First ever release was a remix on Funktion Records / Chicago. Back than, i didn’t release how much work it is to put out a proper release with proper marketing. You can have the best tune of all time, if you do not promote it the right way, nobody will care. That’s what I learned from it.

We know that you studied as a sound engineer. Do you think this experience is useful when you decide to starting to compose their tracks ?

Well, it is a very technical study. I get your ears trained very well, which means you can really transfer your ideas to the your Digital Audio Workstation. So may answer is YES! To Study Audio Engineering was so essential to me, i mean, i know everything about creating music, there are no secrets to me anymore. If I here a sound, i can tell you the frequency and how to produce it. That is worth a lot.

Tell us about your future plans. Are you thinking to make a new release ?

Yeah, my plans are super big. A lot of release coming up. For 2016 there are 2 releases scheduled on Nervous/NewYork , 1 on the mighty Armada /The Bearded Man/Amsterdam, a Remix on my home base Love Harder Records/Munich and a Remix together with the boys from Punks Jump Up on Perfect Havoc /London. I really want to put my game to the next level with these releases!

On behalf of all the Staff of AltroVerso thank you, all of us wish you the best for your future work.

A hug, see you soon.
AltroVerso Radio Roma



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