Francesca Lombardo – Eye Ring [ Echolette ]

Artist: Francesca Lombardo
Title: Eye Ring
Remixers: Martin Buttrich, Guti, Francesco Tristano
Label: Echolette
Release Date: 3 August 2018

1. Eye Ring (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
2. Eye Ring (Martin Buttrich's Dub Thing Two)
3. Eye Ring (Guti & Francesco Tristano's Another Paradise Remix)
4. Eye Ring (Martin Buttrich's Dub Thing One)
5. Eye Ring (Guti & Francesco Tristano's Another Paradise Postlatin Remix)

Following two EP’s focused around the inaugural album track, Francesca Lombardo turns her attention towards something more dancefloor-centric for ‘Eye Ring’. Francesca presents a remix package from some of House and Techno’s finest, alongside an ‘Eye Ring’ rework of her own, preparing discerning listeners alike for the full release of her debut LP.

Bringing onboard a wealth of talent and experience via Martin Buttrich, South America’s Guti & Classical aficionado Francesco Tristano, the release expertly enters club terrain, deploying after hour sonics; packed alongside four-four kicks, whilst always retaining the foundations of Francesca’s ethereal original.

Opening the EP, Francesca Lombardo presents an accomplished Tech tool with a deeper sense of meaning. Strings build towards an effective crescendo, propelled forward by solid hi-hat patterns. Martin Buttrich delivers two more edits following his mesmerizing reinterpretation on the ‘Song Remixes’ EP.

‘Dub Thing Two’ showcases Martin’s ability to create driving, animalistic basslines that pulsate throughout the track. ‘Dub Thing One’ sees Martin increase the tempo, taking a more contemplative stance,. Guti & Francesco Tristano step up for a further two remixes. Bringing together their expertise, the duo provide two minimal masterpieces.


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