Flying Circus “Save The Party” Episode 1.

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Since taking off, Flying Circus has touched down in some of the world’s finest party hotspots. Fine hotspots like Ibiza. Making Sankeys well and truly their own throughout 2013, Audiofly’s family return to the White Isle in 2014 for another year of deep, dark and dangerous grooves. Played by, and enjoyed by, a global community of like-minded music lovers, Flying Circus promises a sonic soiree into the most delicate dynamics of dance music. A never-ending narrative that twists and turns and ebbs and flows, it’s a story we’re all invited to take part in. A story that’s documented right here by Flying founders Audiofly and partners-in-vibe BLOND:ISH on the brand’s exciting album debut.
Audiofly take the lead and their message is clear from the second we ignite with Pascal FEOS’s “Verdubbed”. Oozing super dub science and breezy atmospherics, we melt seamlessly into the smouldering sub slinks of Nina Soul’s “One”, then Dance Spirit’s heart-stopping “Insight”, a Supernature single that casts such a timeless spell it wouldn’t have gone amiss on the blueprint-setting “Northern Exposure” series by Sasha & Digweed.

As the extended mixes lap with the complementary subtleties Audiofly have become synonymous with, we’re allured by the dark techno majesty of Black Puddle Prod’s “So Bad So Bad”, we’re massaged by the sub bubbles and coy funk of Jonny White’s “Tikkun Olam” and we’re pinned into submission by the resounding drums and hurricane pads of Ultrasone’s “Tokyo Dusk”. Playing the consummate role of a lone spotlight in a sweaty dark room, its elements cut through the dark groove with snapshot shades of vibrant light.

Further on, Rogelio’s “A Casserole” bubbles with rich flavours as its undulating low-end splashes across the spectrum while Robag’s remix DJ Koze’s “Nices Wölkchen” provides a show-stopping edge as the only vocally-sung track in the mix. Climaxing with the beautiful chord progressions and succinct euphoric simplicity of Eduardo De La Calle’s “Somewhere In Your Arms”, their own carnal tribal funk dynamics on “So Familiar” and Just Be’s spellbinding “Troubled Soul”, Anthony and Luca have risen to one of the hardest challenges a mix can muster… Capturing the vibrant essence of a party for posterity without losing an iota of spirit.


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