Farce – I Hate Berlin feat. شاي أسود (blaqtea) (Video)

I HATE BERLIN (feat. شاي أسود (blaqtea))
I HATE BERLIN II (feat. شاي أسود (blaqtea))

from HEAVY LISTENING, out October 2018 via Futuresfuture, Meta Matter Records

Written, recorded, produced and performed by Veronika J. König (FARCE)
Co-written by Ebru Düzgün (شاي أسود (blaqtea))

Recorded, produced and mixed by Nikolaus Abit, Vienna
Mastered by Pete Maher, London

Written, directed, produced and edited by Veronika J. König (FARCE) and Diana Andrei
Cinematography by Diana Andrei
Styling, H&M, Lights by Gabriela Kielhorn
Additional H&M by Meltem Calisir

Special thanks to Ipek Hamza

Multidisciplinary artist and producer Veronika J. Koenig offers the prototype of a new age of pop music on her debut album HEAVY LISTENING (out due October 2018 via Futuresfuture). Writing and producing in her in her Viennese bedroom under the moniker FARCE, Koenig rejects industry norms and hierarchy with her DIY attitude while delivering highly polished and theatrical pop songs.

Starting out in the Blackmetal band Boden in her hometown of Stuttgart in her teens, Koenig traded in the guitar for an 808, some synthesizers, a little AutoTune and then some when she moved to Vienna in 2015. Effortlessly building bridges from trappt and electronic beats to distorted guitars, Soul samples to Trance Pop hooks, HEAVY LISTENING builds a sonic landscape tapping into and shaping the zeitgeist of the next musical generation.

Appearing in three separate productions at the 2018 edition of the critically acclaimed Hyperreality Festival for Club Culture by Wiener Festwochen, Koenig has a grip on and a hand in the most interesting showcases of the festival. In collaborations with the internationally praised and acclaimed Gaddafi Gals and Fauna, FARCE extends her fresh, multi-instrumentalist take on Pop, Hip Hop and Techno to a diverse body of work created with her peers. Influenced by and compared to the likes of international acts like St. Vincent, Grimes or Charli XCX, FARCE quickly became a staple of the underground and not-so-underground music scene in Vienna, Austria.


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