The first time the name Etui Records was mention is on a flyer of Dresden’s techno temple Flugzeugwerft in 1997.

Many leading artists such as Derrick May, Phuture303, Alec Empire or Porter Ricks were invited to show what is techno all about. Flugzeugwerft was situated in the epi center of East German techno scene in the 90thies.

The club had to close its doors due authority restrictions in 1998. Learn more about Flugzeugwerft here. But when a door is closed always a new door will be opened.

Founded by Insect O. aka Oliver Hartmann in 1998 and co-run by Soren Matschiste from 2006 – 2010 Etui Records has been released 28 vinyl releases, 6 compilations and several digital only releases.

In 2011 Etui Records started the new vinyl series called Etui Low Tech Dub to focus on the deep and dubby side of techno and transfer it into an up-to-date audioframe.

We kick off the label’s 20th anniversary with a new installment of our Etui Winter Camp compilation series with 11 tracks by new and old artists from all over Europe.


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