Emde Interview

Hi Emde, we at AltroVerso are following your artistic and professional career.
Today we are glad to publish your interview, exclusive for the website of our Radio.

First of all, we’d like to know at which age you started to make music and how you got there. Perhaps you have been influenced by someone, who?
Some time ago a dj and producer from Warsaw organized some DJ workshops in my highschool and I was so excited! He showed me a lot of electronic music’s genres, then I decided to try to become a professional DJ.
Months later I played my first gig in a club. I was more or less 15 years old, it was incredible, it’s an amazing memory!

Your friends and your family probably imagined a different future for you, how did your beloved ones react when you started to make it seriously?
Ohh yes, but my parents always supported me, especially my father. He said: ”Do your work son! Just be happy”.
My best friends were astonished and really curious ‘cause this kind of music was really not popular in my Country in 2006, but my close friends kept fingers crossed for me. For sure some people didn’t believe in me but I don’t care, I have only one life, and it’s my life . ”Every man is the architect of his own fortune”.

Tell us about your first release, your first production for a record label. Would you have expected it?
I started making music one year later I started playing music as a DJ.
My first singles, EPs and remixes, were released in small labels. The first times everything was just for fun, but later my music was released on labels like the Spanish Suara, the Italian Talk Musique, the Nervous Records from NYC and the legendary German label Traum Schallplatten… I’m really happy that major labels are interested in my music, this motivates me.

Instead, how did you arrive to produce for “My Best Friend”, sub-label of the very important “Traum”?
Some time ago I sent my unreleased music to my friend Jonas Bering from Kompakt Records. He really liked my work and he decided to show my EP to Riley Reinhold, the label owner of Traum Schallplatten or MBF. This is all story. I love their work, they are so professional.

What do you think will change in the next years for the future producers?
briefly – yes for sure, it’s obvious

Tell us about your future plans. Are you thinking to make a new release?
Soon will be out my new official remix for the legend of house music Eddie Amador
Also, I’m working on some other remixes, like for example for SCSI-9.
About my production, now I’m working on a big melodious tech house EP, few tracks. I think it will be really something special, but it’s still a big secret, just stay tuned.

On behalf of all the Staff of Altroverso thank you, all of us wish you the best for your future work.

A hug, see you soon.
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