Dominik Eulberg – Abendpfauenauge & Oleanderschwärmer [ Apus Apus ]

Artist: Dominik Eulberg
Title: Abendpfauenauge &Oleanderschwärmer
Label: Apus Apus
Release Date: 24. August 2018
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. No: Apus apus 3

A. Abendpfauenauge
B. Oleanderschwärmer

Dominik Eulberg’s third EP on his label Apus apus features the track "Abendpfauenauge" (eng. Eyed hawkmoth) on the a side and "Oleanderschwärmer" (engl. Oleander hawkmoth) on the flip side.

We know the Oleander hawkmoth is the newest obsession of his and has just recently been added to his fabulous collection of butterflies. To be honest we were surprised to see such a bright and colorful moth and did not recognized it as a moth at all. So we imagine it is a great inspiration for writing music. Concerning the tracks: "Abendpfauenauge" brings together a romantic outlook as well as a rave quality through sequential tight knit melodies which enables the DJ to play and transport this track onto the dance floor.

"Oleanderschwärmer" on the contrary is a dreamy and airy fifteen minute epic that is a true fascinating listening experience.
It's playfulness and joyous adventure into the Eulberg's melodic cosmos connects it perfectly to its Apus apus predecessors.

A. Abendpfauenauge
The Eyed hawkmoth owes its name to the distinctive eye drawing on its hind wings. The barkcolored forewings provide perfect camouflage when resting on tree trunks during the day. In case of a disturbance, it pulls the forewings up jerkily. The moth now gives off the appearance of a face that suddenly stares at the troublemaker. Forward and backward swinging movements of the body intensify this threatening effect.

B. Oleanderschwärmer
With its incredible colors, the Oleander hawkmoth is a symbol of tropical beauty. It rarely flies into our fields as a migratory butterfly. With a wingspan of up to 13 centimeters, it is a true "Jumbo". It's flying style is similar to that of hummingbirds. It reaches speeds of up to 50 km/h.
It’s proboscis, the tubular mouthpart used for feeding on the nectar of flowers, becomes as long as its body.


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