DJ Tennis – You Closed My Eyes (Video)

Video Credits
Artist: DJ Tennis
Label: Life and Death
Director, set design, edit: Virgilio Villoresi
Cinematographer: Marcello Dapporto
Focus puller: Giancarlo Morieri
Producer: Davide Ferazza
Production Assistant: Tommaso Dragoni
Set construction, art buyer: Carlo Cossignani
Color correction: Ilaria Vergani
cdp: Withstand
cast: Virgilio Villoresi, Martina Gerbi
Special Thanks: Giuseppe Dragoni, Silvio Bertarelli


you closed my eyes
and things look better
we found our place
where dreams are brighter

turn off the stars
relight the sun tonight
watch trees are glowing
where mist starts fading

you closed my eyes
you closed my eyes

we like our place
this is our space
we’ll call it home
we rest in peace


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