Dinky Interview

Hello Dinky, from long time AltroVerso is following your artistic and professional career.
Today we are proud to publish your interview, exclusive to the site of our Radio.

Let’s start from your artistic origin, when did your love for music start?

When I was a very young girl , maybe about 3 , I wanted to play piano and keys badly so my mom took me to lessons , it was a new method called Suzuki which now is quite popular and is not very strict but kids start playing by ear.It was a lof of fun!
Later when I was about 5 I saw the school choir and I fell in love with the singing , so I joined the choir and started singing there,but In the audition I reached such low notes for a girl that they placed me on the “alto “ group.. I was the only girl in the 3d voice and I guess I didnt like it cause I wanted to sing like high , like the other girls..
I was exposed to classical music first trough my mother who played piano and folk trough my uncle who is a singer/guitarist and at that time a touring musician , later came records ,like Madonna , Prince and all that eighties stuff.

We know that you left early to New York to study Contemporary Dance, in the Marta Graham. She was one of the founders of the Contemporary Dance on the world. What prompted you to leave the dance and to move to music?

Yes I was only 19 or 20 , when I joined the Martha Graham school . It was exiting to be at that famous school but I honestly got bored of the same technique so I dropped out after 2 years …
I joined Alvin alley which was more varied and also had a lot of latinamerican dancers like me, at the same time I started experimenting with music ,Djing , going out and buying records .Suddenly the music and scene took over and I decided to concentrate on it . I was already having quite a few issues with my knees and thought that was a sign to stop dancing and switch to music full time.

Reaching an own personal style and identity, how much it is important for you?

Is essential , there are so many Djs playing similar styles, that if you dont have your own sound as an artist and something that separates you from the mass, you can become a number .
I believe that an artist shouldnt have much competition if he or she is individual and unique.
An artist shouldnt be so easy replaceable with another one..He or she should have her own voice an style.This is for me very important.

What were your reference points?

My family, feelings and things that where happening to us and the world at the time.

What matters to you the technique in musical composition compared to the emotional feeling that music can give, also when the track is made in a simple way?

I think feeling and emotion are much more important but paired with good technique , musicality and sound can make a track even better.One should take care of both if possible.

Among your experiences and partecipations, which do you remember with more satisfaction?

I think playing live or DJ at Panorama bar is always an inspiring and satisfying experience .
Playing Live is for me a great experience as is more challenging and direct than Djing , one is much more close to the audience.

Tell us about your first production for Crosstown Rebels.

I made a mix for them in 2007 , called “Get lost 3”, unfortunately the distribuitor went bankrupt at that time and the mix CD got literally “lost “ and never saw the light of the day.
After that I made a single called Sealed for them , I think that was around 2010.

What are your future plans? Are you thinking to make a new release?

I am working on my live set now , perfecting some details and soon I will start working on new music , but nothing set yet.


On behalf of all the Staff of AltroVerso thank you, all of us wish you the best for your future work.

A hug, see you soon.
AltroVerso Radio Roma


RELEASE DATE: 2016-09-30




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