Denny Loco

Real Name: Danilo Pizzo



Danilo Pizzo aka Denny Loco is a Sicilian Dj and Producer in love with underground house music and funky vibes.

In 2009, in order to build a 'home' for his music , he created the digital label Gospell Records which also hosts projects from Denny's friends around the globe.

He is a member of the Engravers United collective and in 2012 he won the title of Best Remixer at the Inaya Day & Barbara Tucker remix competition promoted worldwide by the Italian music store Inndigital and Revox Music group. In 2013 he met Salvo Rizzuto the founding member of Freedom or Not. (F.o.n).

They decided to work together, creating a new project, where the two styles combine: that of Denny’s style tied to underground house music, and that of F.o.n : a more soul / jazz classic style. This merger has produced a project with a new, fresh and positive style , a free style without links to any specific genre of music, suitable for everyone. This is just the beginning, keep following.

Support and Contributors: Zoe Xenia, Nikola Gala, Francesco Bonora, Ralf. Daniel Bortz, Paco Osuna, Hawtin, Bobby Starr, Tyree Cooper and many more..

Stay tuned for some fresh news and new releases by Denny Loco in the very near future !


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