Daniel Boon

Born and raised in Berlin, Daniel Boon is like his namesake, the American pioneer, never afraid of new pathways and ideas. And thus he moved from West Berlin to East Berlin's vibrant and trendy district Friedrichshain after the fall of the Wall. Here he was socialized with electronic music and soon began taking his first steps as a DJ in the Matrix Club in 1997. Shortly after, he started his own event series, “Electrosex”, which was accountable for numerous orgiastic party nights in various Berlin party locations.

In his next endeavor, he joined forces with Oliver Tatsch: the first “Ostfunk Berlin” party was celebrated in the club Maria am Ostbahnhof in 2003. This bombshell of a party was soon followed by a new event series, “IncognitoBerlin”, held in the legendary old Tresor until the club's closing in 2005. That very year Boon and Tatsch launched Ostfunk Records, which has become one of Berlin's leading techno labels to date.

When Daniel Boon is not spinning the decks or organizing parties, he is producing new tracks. He has been releasing his own music since 2008, his first record being “Woop!” (OSTF007), which was remixed by Lützkirchen (“Drei Tage Wache”) and was received enthusiastically by critics and fans alike. In 2010, he teamed up with Stereo Jack to become JackDaniel – a high-volume techno project that saw its first release “DancingClappingScreamingShouting” (OSTF026) on Ostfunk Records in 2011.


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