Real Name: Maurice Uzzan Links whitesquaremusic.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Discogs JunoDownload Hailing from the Italian capital, Rome. Whitesquare has been proving his worth behind the decks since 2012. His keen ear for house and techno has him blending track from all across the genre, Whilst release-wise he’s already featured on labels such as Freerange […]

Camilo Franco

Links camilofranco.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Camilo Franco is a DJ whose sound is every bit as colourful as his heritage. Born in Colombia, he was raised in Benidorm in Spain and now divides his time between Barcelona and Ibiza. An individual whose sound is very much indebted to his background, […]

Enzo Leep

Real Name: Alvaro Lamet Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor Beatport JunoDownload Enzo Leep is undoubtedly one of the most promising Spanish artists. Enzo, has exhibited his Live Act in cities like Berlin, Venezia, Zurich, Barcelona, Bern, Madrid, Moscow or St. Petersburg among others. He has released many songs in labels like Get Physical, Suruba […]

Josh Butler

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload In just a few years, Josh Butler has firmly established himself as one of house music’s most revered talents. Following the unexpected success behind his debut ‘Got A Feeling’ in 2013, Josh soon went on to pick up multiple industry awards from Beatport and DJ Mag, whilst […]

La Fraicheur

Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload For over a decade now, first in Paris, then Montreal and now in Berlin, La Fraicheur has been brewing her own blend of Deep House & Techno beats, making a name for herself with her signature sound of emotionally charged Techno sets. Marathon DJ, she is a resident […]

Peggy Gou

Real Name: Peggy Gould Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Born & raised in South Korea and now residing in Berlin following several years studying in London, Peggy Gou made her recording debut in January 2016 on Radio Slave’s Rekids label with ‘The Art of War Part 1’, featuring a remix from Galcher Lustwerk […]

Tim Green

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram bassculturerecords.com JunoDownload Possessing the ability to effortlessly manoeuvre through different realms of house and techno, Tim Green has constantly experimented across the spectrum of electronic music. Whether putting out reverberating minimal techno, smooth deep house, or sprinkling some of that unmistakable charm over productions of popular appeal, his work […]

Sara Simonit

Links sarasimonit.com Facebook Soundcloud Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Sara Simonit, class of ’88, was born and raised in a small city outside of Venice, Italay. Whilst growing up in an artistic and musically oriented family, she attended an Art Academy at the age of 14. At this young age, she began discovering her passion for techno […]


Real Name: Patrick Müller Links patlac.de Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload Patlac based in Hamburg. His journey to the world of electronic music began at an early age. After taking the first curious steps as a DJ, he soon realized that the emotional landscape of the Dancefloor was a place of mutual listening […]

Mike Huckaby

Real Name: Michael Huckaby Links deeptransportation.com Facebook Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Tastemaker, Educator, Sound Designer, and Motor City Proponet. Mike Huckaby has done much for Detroit electronic music. The man behind the once legendary Record Time store has gathered an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He is one of those guys who knows all the roots […]

Kotelett & Zadak

Members: Kotelett Heiko, Martin Zadak Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram JunoDownload Where the two actually originate, nobody knows for sure. Rumors have it that they once had a common love for sprat fishing and point their fateful meeting to somewhere on the North German Coast. If you believe the various rumors, Zadak lost his […]


Real Name: Max Heesen Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs JunoDownload Praised as the “guru of deep house”, Langenberg proves with every gig and release that he effortlessly transcends the borders between genres – whether he seduces the crowds with his epical DJ sets or as the producer of his truly versatile output on labels ranging from […]

Maxine Garman

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Instagram ResidentAdvisor Maxine’s Garman is becoming a well known rising talent and one to watch. Brighton born, she moved to London a few years ago with a vision of breaking into the House music scene and she has done just that. Since moving to the capital, she gained a residency with […]

Ben Hoo

Real Name: Benjamin Hoo Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload If there has been a theme running throughout London producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Hoo’s career to date, it’s that he’s never wedded himself to a single style. Techno and house inform his recorded music as much as down-tempo and contemporary classical. Ben is […]


Real Name: Konstantinos Sakkas Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs JunoDownload Saccao showcases his music production skills with his first track being released by Playperview Records, A Worldwild Well Known Label And With His Collab With Fabo On Track ‘It’s Over’ Which was released On Playperview Records .. Saccao Was Voted For 2015 as One of […]


Real Name: Soo Sze Kim Raymond Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Mixcloud Beatport JunoDownload RaySoo is one of asia’s leading djs. His unique and quirky sense of electronic house music has taken him the world over. Steadily building up a strong catalogue of his own elastic style of productions on various labels such as Love International, […]

Nick Devon

Real Name: Nikos Chrysoulakis Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Nick Devon, aka Nikos Chrysoulakis, is an Athens based DJ/producer whose involvement with electronic music has spanned more than two decades. His musical journey commenced at 16, when he started experimenting with toy pianos and pretty much anything that could produce notes. Before long […]


Real Name: Patrik Skoog Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Patrik Skoog is one of the youngest veteran techno and house producers from Sweden. In the last years, Agaric established the Club Tracks 10″ series on his label We Are and after more than 100 vinyl releases altogether, Agaric can look back at quite […]


Members: Anthony Middleton, Luca Saporito Links audioflymusic.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram JunoDownload From the sand in Nevada to the beaches of Tulum audiofly is in a class of its own. The duo formed by the legendary producers Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito (With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership) are always looking […]

Nils Hoffmann

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload It’s not an every day thing that a 16 year old DJ starts his producer career with a 6 Million plays track on Youtube. “Balloons” produced by Berlin based DJ/Producer Nils Hoffmann is one of those examples that a new generation is actually knocking on the door. […]

Ruben Mandolini

Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Ruben Mandolini, DJ & Producer originally from Prato (IT), was captured by music at the age of 13 leading him to learn new instruments such as the guitar, keyboard and modular synthesizer later. He then started to attend the most influential clubs in Tuscany, discovering electronic music […]


Real Name: Magdalena Solomun Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Not many people knew that Magdalena has been part of the Diynamic family since the very beginning, but initially chose to remain in the background. For long years she used to run the label’s renowned EGO club in Hamburg, getting acquainted with every aspect […]

Dance Spirit

Members: Christopher Mohn, Reagan Denius Links wearedancespirit.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload The production duo of Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius revolutionized themselves into Dance Spirit, a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement. They combine Reagan’s formal music and computer programming training with Chris’s burning passion […]

Christina Semmler

Links paradoxamusic.com Facebook Soundcloud Youtube Instagram JunoDownload One day, in April 2016, Christina felt in love with the idea of producing her very own sound. All kind of music has always been part of her everyday life, but she was especially taken with the electronic music and the colorful scene. The choice of producing and […]

Eric Shans

Links djericshans.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram JunoDownload A producer and DJ residing in Brooklyn, NY, Eric Shans has been making and playing music for almost 20 years. He has always been influenced by melodic, dreamy sounds which have a smattering of grit underneath. Both under the synth pop sounding moniker Phenotract and under […]


Real Name: Samuel Thalmann Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload French DJ and producer Okain has been collecting, spinning and producing music for 15 years. He grew up in Paris and fell head first into house and techno as an impressionable teenager. After spending countless hours listening to DJs like Laurent Garnier, he soon […]


Real Name: George Boronas Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload George Boronas is a Hamburg based DJ and producer.He begun his career during the mid 90’s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early influences came from his parents tape and record collection from Jean Michel Jarre, The Doors, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and many others. Some piano […]


Real Name: Patricia Laus Mattos Links blancah.com Facebook Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Born into this world with a love for all things creative, it was only a matter of time before we saw BLANCAh spread her wings and shine on an international level. This Brazilian artist started her professional music career as a DJ, […]

David Ponziano

Links davidponziano.com Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram Beatport JunoDownload Incisive and breathtaking, David Ponziano is a Madrilenian artist, who radiates personality inside and outside the DJ booth. This is precisely his trump card, the one that gives him the winning hand in his moves. He has the club in his veins, many hours of […]

Dani Ramos

Real Name: Daniela Ramos Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Colombian dj, since 2001. Producer since 2014 Studying at SAE berlin since 2014 (audio engineer) CO of La Marquise Since 2001 Daniela has been active in the dj scene. Warming up for dj’s like: Luciano, Roger Sanchez, tINI, Nick Warren, David Kuno, Blondish, Ministry of […]