Real Name: Junior Massimo Bazzano Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Contact: Bimas Junior, born in 1980 in Mons, Belgium. He started loving music when he was a little boy by dancing on his father’s vinyl discs (wrong thing, he says!). As a teen-ager, he stopped dancing on discs and began listening […]


Real Name: Julian Wurmseher Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Booking: Julian Wassermann is an Electronica and Deep Techno producer who’s winning people over with stellar DJ performances and iconic music making. A Munich-based artist, Julian is getting booked up across Germany, playing at Harry Klein, Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Bootshaus and festivals […]


Real Name: Gregor Sütterlin Profile: One of the founders of Keinemusik Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Contact: From 2009 on, Rampa made a name of himself through Keinemusik, his own little d.i.y.-cosmos, being not only label, but also crew of likeminded DJs, producers and friends. The teamwork within this realm has […]


Real Name: Marinka Da Fonseca Links Facebook Soundcloud Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Booking: Rebelle’s contagious sound takes flavours from Chicago house to techno. With her company Rebel-Tape productions she organises ‘Lawless’, deep underground events in Amsterdam, bringing raw, compact and back to basics sounds that are guided by the flow of music and creativity. […]


Real Name: Kurt Uenala Links Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram JunoDownload Kurt Uenala aka Null + Void may not be a familiar name for many music fans, but chances are you’ve heard his work. The Swiss-born New Yorker is the kind of prodigious musician you’d call a “lifer”: no matter where he is or […]


Real Name: Jeremy Vieira Hometown: Lausanne (Switzerland) Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Booking: It was at the age of 8 that Jeremy, alias Several Definitions, developed his desire to be in the world of music by receiving drums for Christmas. He took lessons for more than 6 years, played several concerts for […]


Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Richy Ahmed is at the forefront of UK house music; having played a major part in the British house music’s recent renaissance, he takes cues from disco, techno, funk, electro and hiphop. Hailing from South Shields in the north of the UK, Richy continues to make […]


Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Mixcloud ResidentAdvisor Hearthis JunoDownload “I like the listener to drop in at the beginning and fall out at the end, having felt that time almost escaped them” – Rich Curtis. With this, we are thrown into an immediate rush of vivid intrigue upon every encounter. We, the listener, are […]


Real Name: Skyler Patrick Taugher Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor ‘’Im like that gap between the fruity house and the hard techno – SHADED’’ SHADED has a signature sound – a weaving combination of funky, psychedelic vibes and textures His sound is undeniable in character and is breathing new life into […]


Real Name: Djordje Petrovic Links Facebook Soundcloud Discogs ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload What is Satori, you say? Music created by this artist, is exactly what his name represents- — Enlightenment and Energy. We are born in a chaotic age, all looking for our own space. A space that exists beyond ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. […]


Real Name: Tania Vulcano Barrios Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload The indisputable First Lady of CircoLoco and Queen of DC10 Ibiza, Tania Vulcano was there when it all began on those Monday mornings back in 1999 and continues to be a beacon for quality underground music. Whilst still typically playing the headline […]


Real Name: Leonardo Gonnelli Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Rowee tells the story of a deeper soul. A cold journey on a grey day, during which naughty rays of sun, time to time, penetrate through the clouds and touch your soul. Rowee is the collision of his and your soul, […]


Hometown: Berlin (Germany) Links Facebook Soundcloud Instagram JunoDownload Contact: The Berlin native sensitively imposes her enchanted dream-spell mix of techhouse, deephouse & techno , paired with well-aimed vocals, on the dancers. Known for years across Europe’s music scene, Jil Tanner not only expresses her passion for music at the turntables but also gives free […]


Real Name: Anthony Colucci Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Instagram Itunes JunoDownload Ant is a true master of music both on & off on the decks. His passion towards his craft is clear through his skill in making music and in his music selection. Ant first picked up a guitar at the age of 12 […]


Members: Daniel Archut, Alexander Schug Hometown: Berlin (Germany) Links Facebook Soundcloud Youtube ResidentAdvisor BONDI is a live act consisting of the producer & Dj Daniel Archut and the singer, musician & Dj Alexander Schug. In the summer of 2013 they began their work. After intensive jam-sessions they came very fast to the idea to form […]


Real Name: Sylwia van der Wonderland Hometown: Poznan (Poland) Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Resident Advisor Instagram Booking: Raw but melodic techno and ware-house. I like to mix things up… like a salted caramel of electronic music. I’m tough enough. ‘VONDA7’s trippy, hypnotic breed of techno is firmly rooted in Detroit and pays homage to […]


Real Name: Valerio Corrado Hometown: Naples (Italy) Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Discogs Youtube Instagram Google+ ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload It’s one of the best talented and promising Italian dj and producers, distinguishing themselves for his unique style. Love of music born from an early age among the eclectic style of David Bowie and the Depeche Mode […]


Real Name: Ricardo Albuquerque Links Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube ResidentAdvisor JunoDownload Beatport Making people dance through misty grooves Albuquerque is something Could we call the ” born DJ ”. A modern dance music fanatic , the Curitiba -born is an aficionado for audio quality. The youngest WARUNG resident is also the newest member of […]