Bloody Mary Interview

Hello Bloody Mary, from long time AltroVerso is following your artistic and professional career.
Today we are proud to publish your interview, exclusive to the site of our Radio.


First of all, we’d like to know at which age you started to make music and how you got there.
Perhaps you have been influenced by someone, who ?

I discovered techno when I was 16/17 years old. I went to my first rave party in the south of France and I really fell in love with this new sound. I was listening more to rock and new wave music at the time so it was a real revolution in my life. I started buying techno vinyl straight away, and suddenly I had a real passion for the wax. Even to this day I still love buying vinyl and digging for records.
Regarding the influences, two artists who really made me focus on them when I was on the dancefloor, were Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills. I remember the exact party when I first saw them back in the 90’s, and it’s something I will keep in my mind forever. The way they were spinning made me feel the love and passion for techno music. I have seen many, many artists since then but these two are really still my favorites to this day – I’m still always really excited to hear them play.

Your friends and your family probably imagined a different future/destiny for you, how did your beloved ones react when you started to make it seriously ?

I started DJing in clubs around the year 2000. It started getting serious when I became a resident at the club “Studio 88” in Aix-en-Provence, France. This residency changed my life. In December 2014, I came to Berlin for the opening of this new club called Berghain and I moved to the city 6 months later. My parents and friends took it seriously when I moved to Germany because I was by myself and my big motivation in life was music. I had the chance to start an international career without having to produce first. Back at the time, the skill of being a vinyl DJ was something that helped me a lot.

Tell us about your first release, your first production for a record label. Would you have expected it ?

My first release was on Sender Records in 2006. I remember screaming and jumping when I had the vinyl in my hands. It was a magic moment. But the magic is still there in 2016 – 10 years on, having my own production on wax still makes me crazy like a little girl!
One of the big peaks in my career was also the first time I played live as The Jaydes. Playing only your own music on stage is magic, and I really recommended all music producers to give it a try 😉

Tell us a little bit about your Label Dame-Music. How did the idea ?

The idea came after my first album in 2009 on Contexterrior. I was more confident with my music and I wanted to start my own imprint as well.
The first vinyl release came out in June 2010, at a time when vinyl sales were really low…
I’ve always fought for vinyl and for me, having a digital only label is something I never considered.

What do you think it will change in the next years for the future producers ?

The market has changed so much these days. Social media has suddenly become more important than an artist’s passion for music. I hope that future producers focus more on their music.
These days, we also have the chance to build a studio without any big costs, so it’s better to learn how to make music slowly and by yourself.

Tell us about your future plans. Are you thinking to make a new release ?

My last EP came out at the end of June on my label Dame-Music. I just finished a remix for the label of the Berlin club Sisyphos, which is due out at the start of September. Following that, the next release on Dame-Music is due out in October, which will also feature a remix from me.


On behalf of all the Staff of Altroverso thank you, all of us wish you the best for your future work.

A hug, see you soon.
Altroverso Radio Roma



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