Behind The Screen Ep. 1: Synchronicity (Video)

This video is the first of a series called “Behind the Screen”, giving you a behind the scenes look of exactly what happens in the background of visuals, lights and stage.

Ali M. Demirel (visuals) and Matthias Vollrath (lights) work closely together in the spirit of improvisation to visually match the mood and feel of where Richie takes his audience musically. Episode 1 is entitled “Synchronicity” to demonstrate that Ali and Matthias perform with absolutely no guideline as to what Richie will be playing; everything is completely improvised. However, with the improvisation comes a level of synchronism between the music, visuals and lights where all three are performing as one.

Look out for this synchronicity during the video. Notice the color of Matthias’ lights corresponding to Ali’s visuals (and vice versa) as Richie alters the pace of his set.

Visuals by Ali M. Demirel

Lights by Matthias Vollrath

Music excerpt from Richie Hawtin DJ set…

Video taken from ENTER.Creamfields, U.K. (August 25th, 2013)

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Video by Ali M. Demirel


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