Hi Alexis, it’s a pleasure to have you on AltroVerso.
Hello Altro, thank you for taking interest in my work.

To start I’d like to know how was your passion for music born? Do you take inspiration from something or someone in particular?
My inspiration started, I think, with the records of my parents and the freedom they gave me to play around with their recordplayer, the one we had at home. So at the age of lets say under 5 years old I was putting on vinyl at home listening to music. My favorite record at that time was an ABBA compilation and white label of “ Pass the dotty”. Further rebelling at a young age I started playing hardcore/gabber music and was inspired by dutch dj’s like the darkraver, buzz fuzz and dj paul who where playing an Italian style of Hardcore which on the records said Techno. This sounds strange but is true, I still play those records when I have a crowd that is open to go anywhere. These records are brutal with an Italian sofistication.

What should someone who hasn’t listen to your new release “Know It When You See It” expect?
For me music should be a bit of a surprise, something that you like and appeals to you and something you may not understand the first time but is gonna trigger you. So hopefully I can give people that when releasing records. On Lessismore you will always find this combination, so maybe not everyone will like my music but I hope that they won’t think it is boring and risk free.

Comparing to your last productions did you decide to focus on continuity or renovation?
I think I am a nostalgic kinda guy who wants to move forward, so I aim to do both. Sometimes you find sounds and make a composition. You release it and when you are back in the studio after a while you start playing with the same sounds again and make a new composition. But if you would do that all the time, you would never get out of your comfortzone. So doing new things with different sounds opens up new things and that is also something I like to do. To reflect on myself , I do not think I can have the impact in music that people of the past had on me. There is so much nowadays that it is hard to make something really new. That is why I focus more on context. I am still that old skool guy that likes Italian Styled Hardcore that was called Techno.

Lessismore Recordings is alive from 2003 and you’re also the label-owner of Anticlub and Grayarea, are you satisfied of your projects and how did it go?
Lessismore has been here from 2003, that is true. Lessismore is a platform that is a team effort, therefore “lessismore but minimal is too much”. Lessismore is about putting a theoretical concept into practice and defining it along the way and adjusting when needed. This is difficult as we get confronted with setbacks and challenges how to deal with obstakels, which I will not bore you with. I can say this sometimes leads to long and heavy discussions in the team. But like Steve Jobs said “ Real artists ship” and that is what we finally do. And sometimes things have to be re-done but never in exactly the same way.

How important is music for you? Could you imagine your life without it?
I think everyone in life should have an addiction, music is mine. And how boring would life be without parties and music. Very boring!

Among your experiences and participations, which one do you remember with more satisfaction?
When I was in highschool I played at a highschool party. At that time I was a hardcore dj and the organization booked me to do my thing. There were about 600 people at the venue. People were asking me to play R&B and Tiesto, sorry I am not that kind of guy. In 30 minutes I cleared the room leaving only 30 people, who after my set came to me and told me that they had a great time.
I think it is the job of the dj to push the unwritten boundaries of a party and see if people will go further than they would when starting the evening.

Instead, talking about future, what can you say?

There are more than a few projects waiting to be released and I hope to do them without any concensus musically.

What would you like to recommend to future djs and producers?
That is a tough one and I am gonna really sound old. Stay in School or get a real job and make music on the side and be free in the music that you make and nothing commercially driven. Not that I dislike commercial sounding music but I think you can hear when money is a driver.

Thank you for your time
We wish you all the best
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