Alex Long Interview

Hi Alex, it’s a pleasure to receive you on Altroverso pages.
Thanks for having me!

How did you get into electronic music?
It was simply love at first sight. I started to attune to this love somewhere at the end of the eighties, when synth pop was popular. I was unable to resist the sound of the SYNTH. Later, mid ninties, I defined my music taste and oriented toward the music frames that i still work my way around to this day. Going to techno parties were a must when i was young and because at that time, we didn’t have the internet, there was no other place where we could hear music novalties In 1996 i started dj-ing and long after that i started producing music.

Thomas P Heckmann said about you: “Alex Long is a producer That makes really hot techno & house music!” Do you agree? Do you feel a bit house or you are a techno purist?
That is a good question and I might be commercialy less inetersting due to the fact that I never confined myself to only one music genre, but just stayed true to my heart. I travel between techno, house, tech house… I produce whatever i feel like producing, I am creative and never limited. I love the freedom of producing and dj-ing… you never know what to expect… that gives me freedom and that is when I feel like i can give part of me to other people.

Talking about other great artists, the meeting with Umek was undoubtedly decisive, what can you tell us about that?
Working with Umek definately had a positive influence on my music career. It was a moment when I had the chance to work with such a great producer and I took the chance and learned a lot. Producing music is not something you just pick up, it is a ongoing learning process and if you have such a big name crossing this process it is very positive.

From a sound point of view, what are your contamination?
Harmonies, a galaxy of synth sounds… i am contaminted with anything that strokes my sound sense. To be completely honest, I relax with music that is much different to what I produce. Classic music is a large part of my regeneration, when i need a break from electronic music.

What is the element that has changed the most in your music, what instead is balance in your DNA?
There are many elements… they started occuring in different eras in my carrer completely by coincedence. As I said in one of the previous questions – I am not limited or focues on trends, so these elements that are changing the current of my work and find their way in the DNA of my music, are there by chance,,, it can happen in a collaboration with another producer from which I can learn something new, or it is on vacation on a beach before lunchtime.

What other projects do you have in program for the next future?
I have many plans for 2017. Many changes regarding my label Etia Creations after new year – i have been brain storming about what i want from my label and what I want it to become, so there will be lots of new music. Right now i am focused on arranging my new studio. I have had many different stuios and now it is time for a place that will suit my needs.

To end, what advices do you feel to turn to those who want to approach the “Electronic Music”?

Don’t do it because it is modern! You have to understand how much sacrifice it will take and success doesn’t come overnight. I hear all sorts of silly questions from newcomers such as “how to succeed in a month”. Music is complex and it takes years to get enough experience to take on serious producing. If you really want it, you don’t need any advice, because you are already working on about how to take on this challenge.

Thanks a lot for your time
We wish you all the best
A hug



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