Alessio Mereu – Three In One (Official Video)

Alessio Mereu – Three in One – Official Video
Amam | Out July 21st 2014
Extract from Alessio Mereu – ThreeplusOne EP

Earlier this year, Alessio Mereu released with his collaborative trio P.o.o.F., utilizing trumpet and guitar. Now the AMAM founder returns with a solo EP, but it’s more than just back to basics. While it does continue the progress of his techno/house productions, this might be his most conceptually ambitious release to date. The ThreeplusOne EP features three originals, plus a fourth combining elements from each, as well as three remixes from John Tejada, Ferlin and Martinez.

“Three in One” is an effervescent creation, buzzing with different life forms that ebb and flow into seemingly limitless dimensions, never losing momentum throughout its near nine-minute duration. Then we hear “Sore”, the first indicator that the three base tracks are more than just parts of the sum. This one contrasts twitchy rhythms with sinewy synth tones in the outer register, evoking strange but pleasant moods. “Overpay” is of a different species, totally dubbed out but with an unrelenting vigor. “Bagel” is comparatively sly, more stripped down but with plenty of tweaky tricks up its sleeve.

To further expand the EP’s world of sounds, Los Angeles-based John Tejada (Kompakt) transforms “Sore” into a richly electrified beauty with a Teutonic pulse, Berlin-based Sardinian Andrea Ferlin (Sleep is Commercial) strips down “Overpay” to turn it into his own dancefloor monologue, and Copenhagen’s Martinez (Cocoon) bends “Bagel” into a lip-smacking, swinging shuffle spread over 13 minutes. No matter how you do the math, ThreeplusOne adds up to be a really good time!

Video artist: VANVIA


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