Ahmet Mecnun

Real Name: Ahmed Boudaouara


Ahmet Mecun, born the 2 July 1991, is a Tunisian Dj who began to mix his first tracks at the age of 14. He grew up in a universe of several combined musical tracks to get the crowd moving with his mix. He principally mixed Deep Tech & Minimal Techno music then extended his work to other styles such as: Tech House, Dark Tech…

He also started producing in 2008 and worked with Tip Tap Records, Expectancy, Ole Music, OnOff Recordings, La Pera, Phosphenes Lab, Undertechnical and many important labels of the industry… which allowed Ahmet a worthy place in the music world to spin platters until the last dancer drops.

During his music deejaying career, Ahmed was influenced principally by Djs like Marco Carola, Marc Antona, Paco Osuna, and Richie Hawtin. In addition, he was a very ambitious and passionate artist and he decided to work with some pioneer of music production such as: Franz Costa,Outaway, Vincenzo D’amico, Danny Nz, Gianni Firmaio and many others. Theses collaborations contributed to "keep everything up in the air" in a smooth fashion, so that the music never stops as he was moving from one song to another.

All of this exceptional performance was made through the brilliant Ahmet and the support of Marco Carola . Paco Osuna . Stefano Noferini . Nicole Moudaber . Leon and many more…

“My passion of playing records is my present and my future, and I feel optimism when I think about the music projects in Tunisia”


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