A Sagittariun Tour Visuals

A Sagittariun Tour Visuals from Lumen on Vimeo.

A short edit of the 10 visual loops I made for A Sagittariun.
The brief was an hours loop to take around international festivals & clubs. With a visual style similar to the discordia of early 90’s Orb & KLF videos, whilst incorporating his branding and great album artwork by Johnny O.

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A Sagittariun arrived in late 2011, fully formed, and with a strong agenda to release musical dispatches from the frontline of the constellation. Via the Elastic Dreams label, A Sagittariun has issued a handful of 12” discs, each one armed with breadth and sustenance, exploring the outer reaches of deep and thoughtful electronic music, where possible accompanied by a message of hope. Using the dream process as a springboard for musical activity, A Sagittariun has indulged in astrological techno, spiritual house music, bass heavy dub rhythms and ambient paths, culminating in the debut album, ‘Dream Ritual’, released on the first day of the Sagittarius’ zodiac timeframe, 2013.

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